Wednesday, 2 July 2008

My new header

For those of you that saw my blog when it was first published you will notice my new header and that is all thanks to a very talented Lady Jo at the siggy shop, Jo will tweek and twiddle with your header till you are 101% happy! ! I think I must have driven her nuts as the header I had in my mind was not the one I have now, that's totally Jo's creation as my idea looked pants so I left it up to her......Another satisfied customer with a brilliant header at only £5 what a bargain !!
but Headers is not where it stops Oh no! Jo also does watermarks so that you can protect your work online,l it's putting a copywrite on your work so that it can't be passed off as anyone elses!! siggys for your forums and blogs, blinkies and the list goes on........ why not check it our for yourself?

Thank you Jo for my new header it's just brilliant!!!

I'm back

Hiya All,
It's been over a week since I last blogged, I must get myself into a routine for blogging cos this is not good enough lol But to be honest RL has been giving me other things to deal with, so I haven't done much crafting of late.
But I do believe things are sorting themselves out now so I can concentrate on what i love doing the most.....Crafting of course!!

Yesterday was the first of July which means a team on Aunty's forum is picked to set the challenge for the month. This month's challenge was set by the "Full of scrap" team the theme is Things with wings.......your too late someone already said that doesn't include Paul McCartney lol

Anyway back to what i was saying....So tonight I made my first entry an Atc and thought you might like a look at it here it is
hopefully this is the first of many watch this space!!!!