Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Look what i have been doing ........

Hiya All, I was busy over the bank holiday making these invitations for my youngest daughter Kazzii's 16th birthday party....and even if i do say so myself i am really pleased with the way they turned out!!
I used my cricut to cut the champagne glasses out and used peel off borders to decorate the edge of the card a simple but effective invite if you have to make lots of them.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Arty Glitz Girlz challange #46 - Vintage

Here is my entry for the arty girls challange for this week....hope you like it :)

I'm back in blog land!!

Hiya all, Well it has been a long time since I last blogged and thats because of the very sad loss of my Mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago rest in peace Pam you will be sadly missed:(

OK what have I been up to? well to be honest not that much as my mojo went awol with all the grieving that we have been doing... untill last night when I set about doing my Elsie #52 over on Aunty's Forum, it was yet another sad time for me as I have loved doing this challange and this is the final piece we have to submit :(
I decided that I have never scrapped myself and this was the perfect opportunity

so here it is- This is Me ......

This is an anniversary card I made for my best friend Suez and her hubby Kevin

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Arty Girlz recycle challenge

I have been at it again, needless to say my craft room looks no more tidier that when i started at 8pm tonight (giggle) but I have at least made another entry for the ongoing recycle challenge over on the arty glitz girlz blog.
As you may remember a few weeks ago I made a ribbon tidy out of an old Bold washing tablet box, well tonight I set about a peanut tub and created this..........A scissor tidy, I cut the top of at a angle and covered it in the same paper as i used for the ribbon tidy and kept to the red and gold colour scheme.

Arty Glitz Girlz challenge #43 - Men/man

look what i've been doing tonight....
I was trying to have a tidy up in my caft room tonight when i can across some marabou feathers I bought from ebay a while back. I got to thinking what i could use them for well this is what i came up with This is my entry for the arty glitz girlz challenge....I hope you like it!

Here we go ........I was thinking about my crafting addiction the other day and going through all the things I've had a go at i.e card making, scrap booking,ATC's, jewelery making, altered dominoes, recycling old boxes etc But then i realised I have never had a go at doing inches...So to put this fact to rights I ordered some of Jo's inch squares from her ebid shop what a bargain at only £1 for 30 and found a great little challenge on the inch by inch blog spot.

The challenge is you have to make your inchies and put them onto something like a card or an ATC LO etc and the theme is Travel.

Here is my entry....but don't laugh as it is only my first attempted at making inchies
my first ever inchies
And this is my card for the challenge

I hope you like it!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I've been swaping again lol

Hiya All I thought I would just show you all the fantastic Atc's I received from my friends at Auntys Forum

Every month over on Auntys Forum we take it in turn to host an ATC swap, this time it was Karen L That hosted the swap, and what a fine host she is too lol. The theme for this month was collage and as you can see by the picture we made a great job of it........ this is one of my contibutions

I say one of, because we had to make one for each Auntys member that signs up to do the swap this time we had to do eight.
If you fancy joining in the fun over at auntys you would be made more than welcome we are a friendly bunch!!

Friday, 11 July 2008

Elsie # 50- Stamping -Love's young dream

I have been busy today trying to catch up on my crafting commitments as I have got a bit behind after having a bout of man flu (giggle)

Here is my entry for the Elsie challenge over on Aunty's Forum

These photo's are of my youngest daughter Kaz and her first boyfriend Grim (Graham) they have been together for about a year and a half now awww bless.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

My new header

For those of you that saw my blog when it was first published you will notice my new header and that is all thanks to a very talented Lady Jo at the siggy shop, Jo will tweek and twiddle with your header till you are 101% happy! ! I think I must have driven her nuts as the header I had in my mind was not the one I have now, that's totally Jo's creation as my idea looked pants so I left it up to her......Another satisfied customer with a brilliant header at only £5 what a bargain !!
but Headers is not where it stops Oh no! Jo also does watermarks so that you can protect your work online,l it's putting a copywrite on your work so that it can't be passed off as anyone elses!! siggys for your forums and blogs, blinkies and the list goes on........ why not check it our for yourself?

Thank you Jo for my new header it's just brilliant!!!

I'm back

Hiya All,
It's been over a week since I last blogged, I must get myself into a routine for blogging cos this is not good enough lol But to be honest RL has been giving me other things to deal with, so I haven't done much crafting of late.
But I do believe things are sorting themselves out now so I can concentrate on what i love doing the most.....Crafting of course!!

Yesterday was the first of July which means a team on Aunty's forum is picked to set the challenge for the month. This month's challenge was set by the "Full of scrap" team the theme is Things with wings.......your too late someone already said that doesn't include Paul McCartney lol

Anyway back to what i was saying....So tonight I made my first entry an Atc and thought you might like a look at it here it is
hopefully this is the first of many watch this space!!!!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Elsie challange-#38

Here is my latest entry for the Elsie flannigan challange over on Aunty's Forum. we had to do a LO using Texture

Elsie #28 -Textures

I had great fun doing this challange, but then again I always do lol

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

My first blog entry

Hiya Everyone well I have finally joined the millions of craft bloggers out there...well you know what they say " if you can't beat them join them " lol.

I got myself in gear for making a start on a few challanges

My Arty Glitz Girl recycle challange entry

OK here it is my entry for the arty glitz challange I used a bold washing tablet box and turned it into this-

Front view

Ribbon Tidy -front and side veiw

Top view

I am very proud of my creation hope you like it too.